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Erik Otaku
Posts: 9

Hi! I was wondering who/what your cosplay plans are going to be this year? 

For me, I shall be cosplaying Mordecai from Regular Show, and i shall be bringing my blonde wig incase i tweek the cosplay to Blondecai like I did for Tigercon if anyone else went there December 2012. I might also be N from Pokemon Black and White or Kyubey from Madoka Magica if i decide to bring a second cosplay. Perhaps my newest working cosplay: Ikuto from Shugo Chara, will debut but that's if i put a thing or two together in time lol

See you March 30th :D


What we need to know is our Cons! No need to be cerned about the sequences that you might not cur with me, but viently, my favorites that i always centrate on are certs and ventions! VENTIONS!!!!! i think you understand the nection!

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CHS Anime Club Staff
Posts: 19

Sounds awesome!

I won't reveal my cosplay, but I am going to be cosplaying. 8D


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Chelsea Dovahkiin
Posts: 6

Well I was planning on being Vi from League of Legends, but it appears that (due to my procrastination) the gauntlets won't be done in time.

So I'm falling back onto a simple Female Jake English cosplay from Homestuck.


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